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We all have busy lives, and I'm no exception. Nevertheless, every now and then, a seemingly fruitless activity overtakes us and dominates our lives. In my case, this was Wartorn, the story of my father's experiences during World War II.

I believed this story was just a fantasy - dad used to tell me bedtime stories when I was a young child, recounting his adventures, such as how he'd learned to ski in the German alps and I honestly believed that's what it was, just fantasy.

It was only when my dad died, at his funeral in fact, that I learned from my aunt that everything he'd told me stories about was true, and, to put the cherry on the cake, I had a half-sister in Germany!

To write Wartorn, I had to join a lot of dots and do a lot of research. Whether it's because the subject isn't considered interesting - perhaps a bit too controversial, or whether I'm just not a very good writer, I'm not really sure, but so far no agent or publisher has had the appetite to publish it. So, I'm starting to do it myself, here, a chapter at a time, in weekly excerpts.

I hope you enjoy Wartorn and that you'll stick with it. If you'd like to buy the complete book, feel free to drop me an e-mail at and I'll send you the full book, for a price of €9.95.

Wartorn, Chapter 1, released on 19 June 2024 (click on the link to download).

Wartorn, Chapter 2, released on 4 July 2024 (click on the link to download).

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